The journalist's family appealed to the President and the World Media :“We are under thereat and pressure”
To the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev    
To the world and country press    
Dear Mr. President,        Dear journalists,       Journalist Mahmud Rasim oglu Taghiyev was slandered and imprisoned for 12 years on fabricated charges by the orders of high-ranking officials for conducting journalistic investigations into their criminal activities. As a journalist, there is nothing more normal than doing research and writing articles. From the day of his arrest, we and the journalists investigating the so-called criminal case have been threatened and pressured. Recently, journalist Mahmud Taghiyev’s appeals to the public from prison have been shared on websites.     After that Mahmud Taghiyev was tortured and put in a punishment cell. The pressure and threats against us have also increased. We are afraid for our safety. Please note that if something happens to our family all high-ranking officials including Z. Garalov, K. Gilijov, I. Gilijov and their "puppet" Togrul Taghiyev, whose corrupt activities journalist Mahmud Taghiyev investigated are directly responsible for that.  
Sincerely, Mahmud Rasimoglu's family members