Attention, attention! The “fraudster” now wants to “con” Ilham Rahimov?
Of course, many of you remember Ostap Bender from the famous Soviet film "12 Chairs". Ostap Benders of the 21st century are still common today. One of such modern Ostaps is Taghiyev Togrul Mahmud oglu, who was expelled from the Internal Affairs bodies and convicted under Article 206 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. I informed the public that T. Taghiyev fraudulently misappropriated 650 thousand US dollars of a businessman from Ganja Elman Shirinov and a well-known businessman, a citizen of Russia, a native of the Agjabadi district, nicknamed “Moscow Shamil” Shamil Gurbanov.   There are even more reports in the media that no measures has been taken against T. Taghiyev because of the bribery of the Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov. However, T. Taghiyev's fraudulent actions do not end there. Thus, according to the information, in order to commit fraud in several foreign countries besides Azerbaijan T. Taghiyev gets acquainted with well-known businessmen of those countries, and introduces himself as a businessman from Azerbaijan. And now this “scammer” needs financial support to carry out his planned crimes. My investigation revealed that T. Taghiyev swindled “Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan”, mortgaged “everything he has” and took a loan of $ 3 million from that bank. For more than three years, T. Taghiyev has been refusing to pay his debts to the bank and has been added to the bank's blacklist of customers. Taking precautionary measures, the bank sued T. Taghiyev and is going to sell "everything" he had mortgaged. However, T. Taghiyev is also trying to implement his new fraud plan and pay off his debt to the Bank once and for all. In recent years, T. Taghiyev has been trying to work with Teymur nicknamed “Peykan” in Moscow, who is the right hand of the doctor of law, well-known businessman Ilham Rahimov. Teymur transfers all the money on the deposit confiscated by the FSB of Russia from the account to the account and presents it to businessmen as its internal loan.   T. Taghiyev also wants to take $ 5 million from Teymur in the form of an internal loan and “con” him in order to pay off his debt to the bank and get “everything he has” out of collateral. I would like to inform you that the person who introduced T. Taghiyev to Teymur was a native of the Naftalan district, nicknamed "toy", who lives in Saratov, Russia, and is a "toy" of former brigade commander Rasim Akbarov - Nabizadeh Mammadali Oruj oglu.

  So pay attention! In order not to fall into the trap of the “swindler” Togrul Taghiyev, share it with your acquaintances so that they are aware of T. Taghiyev and recognize him from the photos I have submitted. If you type T.Taghiyev's name and surname in Google, you will come across a lot of interesting information. The most feared place for scammers is the press. So, if the scammer is recognized in the public, he has to say goodbye to this profession once and for all.  My article will be presented to readers in three languages, Azerbaijani, Russian and English. The reader may ask, why exactly in three languages? I want to remind you once again that T. Taghiyev is on the list of international fraudsters. I will keep the topic in the spotlight.   Mahmud Rasimoghlu